How I Tackled My Biggest Goal of 2019

I promised myself that in 2019 I would stay laser-focused on my goals, and to approach each one with intention.

In March I achieved one of my most daunting Q1 goals: to deliver a talk or speak at an event!

I had the opportunity to host a workshop at City University of New York for students of the Siegel Fellowship program. What was supposed to be a masterclass about creating an online portfolio quickly turned into an awesome conversation about what the job hunt looks like after graduation.

As someone who had a somewhat unconventional journey after school, I was thrilled to share my advice on looking for jobs, leveraging soft skills, and the power of networking. Over the course of an hour I shared all my juicy secrets about the job hunt. I also answered some questions from the students, and helped them craft their elevator pitches.

Public speaking has always been a secret fear of mine, but it turns out that the fear disappears quickly when you’re talking about something you believe in.

Connecting with the students left me feeling energized and ready to run another workshop! I actually already have meetings scheduled with other faculty members a CUNY to host another masterclass. I am so glad to have gotten that first speaking engagement under my belt. I’ve already booked a second one, this time in my hometown of Ottawa.

Although I did not meet my goal of publishing on this blog consistently over the course of Q1, I definitely achieved my more daunting goal. I’m proud that I got something so scary out of the way! Now for the rest of the year I’m going to focus on consistency and growing my personal brand.

Wish me luck! Talk soon, I promise.


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