The Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned Since Graduating

Graduating from college or university is just like graduating high school, except way more stressful and WAY more expensive. The expensive part is actually one of the many things that make it stressful. Add to that the often drawn out hunt for a “real job”, the pressure that you need to have everything figured out, and the daunting “so, what’s next?” question from every person you’ve ever spoken to, let’s just say the first year after you graduate from college or university can be a bit of a trip.

Here are a few things that I learned in my first year out of school:

You’re under a microscope

While you’re the new kid, and most of the time people are really understanding of rookie mistakes, you are being judged on your performance the minute you start your job. Embrace this, and use it as a chance to shine!

You’re going to mess up

It’s bound to happen. Nobody is perfect, especially when they first start out. But make sure to acknowledge your mistakes, learn from them, and avoid them in the future.

The pressure to have your life together doesn’t let up after year one

…or year three for that matter.

Your time management needs to be on point

Whether you plan on working a part-time job while you work on your own solo endeavors or you work the standard 9-5, it’s crucial that you step up your organization game in a big way after uni. Not only will keeping a schedule make sure that you’re never late for important meetings or events, but you’ll be able to create a routine and get into good habits a lot faster! Read this post to learn how you can get a better handle on your time.

You’re not suddenly going to feel like a grown-up when you graduate

Just to put it into perspective… I’m 26 (whoa) and still send my friends a “can you believe that we’re considered adults?” text at least once a month.

So basically – it’s okay if you don’t feel like you’ve got it all together. You probably never will! Just keep doing work that you love, and enjoy the journey of coming into your own in the workforce – however you decide to do so.

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