Dealing with Change: Finding Peace In the Unknown


If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by the changes happening in your life, you may need to take a step back and embrace the flow.

Throughout drastic career changes, multiple moves, and huge shifts in my personal life, embracing the uncertainty of where I’m headed has allowed me to focus on what’s directly in front of me instead of freaking out about the big picture.

The truth is, no matter how secure you feel in where you are right now, all of it could change tomorrow. Being ready to roll with the punches is what differentiates the true winners from the rest of the world.

Flexing your resilience muscle is the best way to be ready for when life throws a left hook. After all, you can’t dodge every disaster. There are some that you’ll just have to go through.

Here are three principals that have helped me continuously go with the flow:

Be open to change 

It’s incredibly easy to remain shut off from things that are unfamiliar to you. Sure, staying inside your comfort zone is safe and relatively easy, but where is it getting you? (Hint: Probably nowhere.)

If you’re being met with resistance, it’s probably an indicator that you need to switch things up. If not for the sake of spicing up your life, then definitely for the sake of finding a better solution for whatever problem you’re facing.

The bottom line is that if you close yourself off from change, you’re closing yourself off from opportunities to grow.

Treat every moment as an opportunity

Bad things happen, often to undeserving people. Losing a job, not getting into the school or program that you wanted, or finding out that the guy that you dreamed of being with is actually an asshole are unfortunately are all parts of life. Anytime you feel you’re being set back or thrown off track, take a moment to analyze your situation.

Are there any bright sides to this thing that you’re perceiving as a failure? Maybe you knew you didn’t love that job and were only doing it because it felt safe and secure. Now you have the opportunity to go after the career that you really want.

Didn’t get accepted into your program of choice? Talk to somebody about your options to transfer in after you get a couple of credits under your belt, and in the meantime apply for an internship or volunteer position in your line of interest.

Be thankful that the guy you’ve been crushing on finally showed you his true colors, because now you can carry on knowing that he wasn’t the one for you. Trust me, there’s always a lesson to be learned somewhere within the seemingly tragic moments.

Be gracious

Gratitude is a great tool to use to put things into perspective. In a tough situation, use the above advice to first look for the lesson, and then thank the universe for giving you the opportunity to learn.

Find beauty in the many things around you, and let your heart fill with gratitude for them. This is a quick way to help you keep things positive and prevent you from spiraling when things get particularly difficult.

Oprah is a huge proponent of gratitude journals and encourages people to try writing down 5 things that they’re grateful for each and every day. If you don’t have time to write, try thinking of at least 3 things each night before you go to bed. This will allow you to close out the day by focusing on the great things in your life.

So what is it about the future that scares you? Let me know in the comments what’s preventing you from truly embracing the unknown!

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