How to Stay on Top of Your Shit: 4 of the Best Time Management Apps

The more work you take on as someone who is #OnHerHustle, the more closely you’ll need to pay attention to how you manage your time. Here are a few apps that I swear by that may also help you stay on top of tasks, block out distractions, and crush your goals.


Asana is a project management app with a beautiful interface and easy-to-use workflow. I love using Asana because it gives an awesome overview of projects on a monthly basis and lets me create task lists for each project that I can check off as they’re completed.


Wunderlist is great for those who want to create simple lists on the go. I use Wunderlist for daily lists such as things I need to get done for work, what I want to get from the grocery store, and items that I need to pack for upcoming trips.

Google Calendar

I use Google Calendar to remember appointments, keep track of flights, interviews, meetings, and project deadlines. This is perfect if you often have to schedule meetings and conferences, as well as if you’re obsessed with your boyfriend and want to know what his plans are for the week. Just me? Ok.


Even the most dedicated professionals struggle with staying focused from time to time! Forest puts a visually stunning spin on the classic time monitoring app. When you want to dedicate a period of time to focus on your work, simply plant a tree. The tree grows as long as the Forest app is open, leaving you with no choice but to put down the distraction device and get to work.  Bonus: The Forest app partners with tree planting organizations to give users the opportunity to cash in points and plant real trees.

What apps do you use to manage your time? 

Keep hustling, 


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