Do These 5 Things When Starting a New Job

Switching jobs can be overwhelming for obvious reasons. In addition to taking on a new role (hopefully one with better pay and more responsibility), in most cases, you’ll have to meet a whole new crop of people and adapt to a new office environment. Who can blame you for being a little on edge about the whole thing?

Here are 5 things that will help you avoid overwhelm as you go through a job transition:

Do a Digital Declutter

If your previous job was a heavily digital one like mine, you most likely have a lot of old documents, emails, logins, and folders that you’ll no longer need. Do a thorough sweep and close out all of your accounts associated with your old job, and get rid of any files that you don’t need anymore so that you can have a completely fresh start on your first day.

Ask Questions

In the first few weeks at your new job, you’ll be taking in a lot of information. Be sure to take notes (yes, like with a pen and paper) and don’t hesitate to ask questions about things that you don’t quite understand. It’s much better to be open about things that you need help with than to mess it up later on down the line.

Take a Break from Your Side Hustle

If you have a side hustle (read why you should have a side hustle here), it may be a good idea to take a step back while you transition into your new full-time job. I know that this isn’t an option for everybody, but giving yourself space to focus solely on your new role will help you learn the ropes faster and get settled in without feeling overwhelmed.

Form a Routine ASAP

When your job changes so can your commute, your work hours, and your general daily schedule. Make an effort to adopt a new routine as soon as possible after your start date. Establishing consistency in your new daily routine will help you stay on track with everything else going on in your life (balance is important!) and will ease some of the stress associated with the change.

Breathe / Reset

If at any point you feel yourself getting overwhelmed at any point during your job transition, take a step back and breathe. Taking a moment to reset tends to help calm me down when I’m feeling stressed out about work. Whether you decide to use a meditation app like Calm or simply go for a quick walk outside for some fresh air, taking a few minutes to gather your thoughts can make a huge difference in how you perform throughout the day.

Do you have any advice for transitioning into a new job?

Keep hustling,


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